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Gvibe Survey Results

Being a company interested in the pleasure of its end customers we continuously collect the feedback from people who experienced Gvibe products. We have analysed the recent data we have collected in the process of survey and we want to thank all people who evaluated the results of our work and shared their experience after the purchase.

It’s no more a secret that Gvibe2 still remains to be our most popular and best-selling product and it makes us happy that so many people are satisfied with their choice to buy this vibrator. The average score for enjoyment got from the product as well as ease to use it is evaluated by our end customers as 4.5 out of 5. We are pretty satisfied to know that Gvibe2 absolutely or almost absolutely met the expectations of 86% of the customers and they received from Gvibe2 product what they expected.

Here are some real comments on Gvibe2, received by us in the process of research:

“I love the simplicity of using this vibrator, the texture of the outside and how many different ways I can use it alone or with my partner. Overall awesome product!” Jennifer, Charlottetown, Canada

“The texture is amazing, and the multiple motors were a wonderful design advancement.” Stuart, Chattanooga, United States

“Super and female friendly” Reidar, Spijkenisse, Netherlands

“Wauwwww, Super” Chris, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“I must say this was the first toy that ever got me off, and that’s not a simple thing to do”. Rue, United States

We also received many recommendations on how to improve the product, which is also valuable for us. For example, Wolfgang from Street, United States who ranked Gvibe2 with 5 points of 5 in all categories and is ready to recommend us to his friends according to his answers wrote the following: “The only change in would make would be a speed setting to change speeds on the variations.”

Some more interesting facts, we know now about Gvibe2 are the following:

– half of those who take Gvibe2 in their beds are married; other 34% are in relationship

– (Now you have no doubt that this is a product for couples)

– the biggest segment of people who made their choice for Gvibe are in the age range of 31-40; those who are 21-30 are snapping their heels.

– Men buy Gvibe2 3 times more often than women

– 37% of all Gvibes2 are bought from online stores, while others are purchased in sex-shops and on fairs.

What about Gvibe Mini – a smaller version of classic Gvibe2, it is in the top of those our customers are ready to recommend to their friends or buy again and the average score is confidently striving to 5. We are absolutely confident that all this is due to the unusual shape of the product, which one is most probably not aware of, but should definitely try.

Feedback about Gvibe Mini:

“Excellent Couple sex toy. It has all the erotic options to use on either of partners.” Kevin, Korona, United States

Taking the opportunity, we want to remind you that all products are covered by a one-year warranty and if you are experiencing a malfunction please write to our support and we will replace your product.

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