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G Vibe Mini, impressively smart sex toy, great pleasure for both men and women

G Vibe Mini was inspired by the many requests of women who wanted to try the original G Vibe, but they were scared by its size. That is why we decided to add a new toy to our FunToys family: dual stimulation vibrator. Reducing the size a bit, while keeping all the functionalities and features of the original toy, G-Vibe Mini was created and it is now a part of our collection. Thanks to its size, a mini vibrator suits any wallet or hand luggage and satisfies the most demanding customers as mini clitoris vibrator and mini gspot vibrator.  

You can simply call it mini-vibrator, but this is the best dual vibrator and massager at the same time. Coincidently G Vibe Mini looks like a mini G Spot vibrator and dual stimulator.

Designed in London.

With G Vibe Mini you can enjoy

  • Simultaneous stimulation of two sensitive zones – Gspot and the opposite side of the vagina, while at the same time also stimulating the entrance of the vagina.
  • It’s shape easily adapts to most anatomies (vagina size) because of two flexible silicone tips.
  • It creates a sensation of completeness without stretching the entrance.
  • Dual penetration vibrator provides the best experience for partners.


  • Revolutionary engineering design. Its shape adapts to most anatomies.
  • The location of motors allows men to massage also their prostate.
  • Ergonomic design, in new fancy colors.
  • Two powerful yet quiet motors.
  • Six vibration modes with changeable intensity – from light tremors to intense vibration.
  • Intuitive control buttons.
  • Made of premium-class hypoallergenic medical silicone.
  • Odorless.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Up to 4 hours operation on one charge of the battery.
  • Size: 4,13 x 0,79 inches (10,5 x 2 cm).
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Travel lock: to unlock press the "+" button and hold for two seconds.

Download the user manual in PDF

Cannes Lions

Reddot Award 2017

California Life


XBIZ 2018

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