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Designer sex toys 2021

The constantly accelerating pace of life requires a high-quality emotional release, and, therefore, new types of erotic pleasure. Classic dildos and vibrators are being replaced by modern sex toys.

Gvibe adult toys are true works of art that can bring to the top of bliss courageous men and women of any age. The revolutionary design, unique in its kind material of premium quality, many operation modes, and a user-friendly interface brought Gvibe sex toys to the VIP segment.

To buy sex toys online is much more convenient: you don't feel shy when choosing a sex toy, you can ask clarifying questions, buy sex toys totally on an anonymous basis even with home delivery. Online sex toy store works for you 24/7.

How and when did Gvibe adult toys appear

The founder of the world-famous brand Gvibe is an English engineer Jack Romanski. While being a teenager in his parents' sex toy shop, the inventor noticed that most sex toys are the same type. Customers were in no hurry to purchase novelties because they gave only short-term pleasure.

Literally in one evening, a grownup Jack Romanski came up with the concept of the future Gvibe stimulator - sex toy with two retractable tips that open after entering. The unusual shape allows you to recreate the feeling of fullness of the womb without stretching of the vagina's entrance.

The engineer shared his idea with the giants of the sex industry, but no one of the manufacturers supported his initiative to produce such sex toys. Then a team of professional scientists and leading gynecologists created their own company. The first name of the brand was Fun Toys, later it was rebranded to Gvibe, the same name as their adult sex toys were using.

In 2012, the first sex toys for women entered the market, which became a real sensation. Noteworthy is that all the new adult sex toys are called with the letter "G" in honor of one of the most exciting female erogenous points.

A wide advertising campaign has brought Gvibe premium sex toys to a totally new level. Video reviews with instructions make sex lovers around the world dream of another new product.

Benefits of Gvibe Sex Toys

Sex toys of the brand are ambisexual. They are actively used by women and men during masturbation, suitable for the stimulation of various erogenous zones during foreplay and pair erotic games.

Gvibe sex toys are made of BIOSKIN, specially developed and patented by the company medical grade silicone. There are no analogs of it in the world. The material is very realistic and pleasant to touch, has no unpleasant rubber smell, does not cause allergies, and completely waterproof. Sex toys are allowed to be washed in water, used in the bathroom, shower, jacuzzi, and even at a depth in the pool.

Gvibe adult sex toys are very flexible and bendy. The stimulator can be used in any position and realize even the most shameless fantasies, for example, stimulate the base of the penis during a blowjob.

The motors pulsate in all modes completely noiselessly, the rhythms of passion will not disturb the neighbors. One charge lasts for several hours of continuous operation. You can charge the stimulator using a specially designed magnetic device. Some models are synchronized with a smartphone; to activate the device, you need to download a special mobile application.

Each sex toy is additionally packed in a durable fabric cover. It's easy to cover sex toy up with the help of such packaging. Erotic drawings on Gvibe boxes don't allow aficionados of the art to stay indifferent. The design was developed with the participation of the famous artist Elena Mirosedina. The beloved will also be pleased with T-shirts with an unusual print from an online sex toy shop.

Gvibe provides a branded 3-year warranty on all products. If the factory defect found during 3 years in a sex toy, it will be replaced for free with a new one.

Top Gvibe Sex Toys

The best sex toys are those that you like. The Gvibe line currently has 18 different stimulators for getting vaginal, anal orgasm, training intimate muscles, and preparing the anus for penetration. Everyone will be able to choose for themselves what he was looking for so long.

The most popular sex toys of the brand are the undisputed top seller Gvibe vibrator and no less popular "smart" Geisha balls. One Gvibe vibrator can replace several different online sex toys at once. Tips are very convenient for the clitoris, vagina, or G point stimulation, as well as the scrotum, anus, or penis for men at the same time.

The exclusive Gvibe MINI is an exact copy of your favorite toy in miniature only. A stimulator with two extendable tips will be a great gift for a partner or couple of any sexual orientation.

Geisha balls vaginal balls are working on the principle of Kegel exercises to improve vaginal tone, it becomes possible to better compress the partner’s penis during sex, the couple’s orgasm becomes much brighter and stronger.

No less popular are adult toys for women, such as a Gcandy vibrator with a tip to stimulate the clitoris or G point, a rabbit with two Grabbit tips, and a textured Gjack stimulator. Fans of the classics will like an elongated stimulator with a comfortable Gjay handle or a realistic dildo Greal on a suction cup.

There are ambisexual stimulators in the Gvibe collection that are suitable not only for women but also for men. The unique rechargeable Gplug butt plug is a piquant pleasure in stimulating the sphincter and a way to stretch the muscles before real sex. Such a massager is also an excellent prevention of prostatitis for men.

The first experiments with the anus are best started with a small smooth plug, such as in the Gkit. More experienced experimenters will like embossed sex toys more. You can also buy online a special remote control for controlling Gring toys.

Looking for an unusual gift for your beloved, pay attention to the vibrating massager Gbulb in the shape of a bulb. A wide stimulation zone allows you to pet the most delicate erogenous zones, such as the clitoris or nipples.

Another popular novelty is Gpop vibrator. Designed for the anatomical features of the male and female body, the stimulator is great for both partners. Before inserting to the rectum, do not forget to use the waterbased lube.

Gvibe is actively expanding markets around the world, working with distributors all over the world. You can get high-quality amazing sex toys with delivery by placing an order on the official sex toy websites.

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