personal sex‑fitness coach


Gballs² team is a group of international entrepreneurs, researchers, designers, engineers and health specialists. The team has come together to introduce new solutions to the women`s health sector.
Our technical team integrates state‑of‑the‑art sensors and wireless technology to develop products that work in synchronization with human health science.

Your personal coach for kegel exercises

  • Personalized virtual coach
  • 6 comprehensive training courses
  • Voice guide
  • Daily target
  • Badges & reward system

Gballs² exercises improved results

  • 6 individualized training courses
  • Exercising the right pelvic floor muscles
  • Guided daily exercises
  • Track daily exercise activity
  • View All Sex Toys Gvibe
  • Badges, rewards and game‑like training system
  • A fun way to train the pelvic floor muscles
  • Advancing reward system at various course levels

Ultra sensitive pressure sensor

Multiple sensors ensures accuracy of biofeedback


Silicone unified body

Bluetooth 4.0 technology

Wireless and low power consumption

Gballs² works in non‑app mode

Product diagram

  • 1 Power/Toggle Key
  • 2 LED Light
  • 3 Reset Key
  • 4 Charging Port
  • 5 Cord/Antenna
  • 6 Touch‑sensitive Area


  • Material: Body-safe silicon /ABS
  • Size: 31×82 mm
  • Weight: 54 g
  • Battery: 200 mah
  • Working time: 4 hours
  • Frequency: 7200 / minutes
  • Waterproof: 100%
  • Warranty: 3 year

Contents of package

  • Gballs² – 1
  • User Guide – 1
  • Storage Bag – 1
  • USB DC Cable – 1
First useFurther useIndependent modesCharging batteryCleaning Gballs²Questions and Answers

APP Download

Search for Magic Kegel in iOS App Store
or Google Play

Run Magic Kegel APP

Click Magic Kegel App to run and
follow the guide to connect Gballs²

Connect Gballs²

To turn on your Gballs², press the Power Key.
Gballs² work with the LED light on.
APP will show thedevice is connected when Gballs²
successfully connect with SmartPhone.

Enjoy Kegel Training

Find a comfortable position for inserting. Many women find lying on
the back or standing as most comfortable. For easy insertion, apply
a bit water‑based lubricant on the tip of Gballs² or on the condom.

Tips: Please leave the cord of Gballs² outside the body,
at least 3 cm long without barrier, to keep good signal.
Power / Off
The device will turn off after pressing Power Key for 3 seconds, the
LED light will turn off to indicate turn‑off status.
Run Magic Kegel APP Turn on your Gballs²
Shake SmartPhone to connect Gballs² with Magic Kegel APP.
APP will show the device is connected when the Gballs² successfully
connect with SmartPhone. Continue your Kegel Training Courses.
Squeeze for vibration mode (default mode)


Turn on Gballs² and squeeze pelvic floor
muscles to control the strength of Gballs² vibration.


Sustained vibration mode

Click Power Key once more
to switch from Squeeze for vibration mode to Sustained vibration mode.

Tip: Click Power Key once more to Switch from Sustained
vibration mode to Squeeze for vibration mode.
Training Mode


Turn on Gballs² and connect with Magic Kegel APP.


In Magic Kegel setting page, click to open off‑line training option.

Tip: The current training course will be
downloaded to your Gballs².


Turn on Gballs², the off‑line training course will start in 30 seconds.

Tip: The off‑line mode will be quitted
when Gballs² connect with Magic Kegel APP.


Start your Kegel Training.

Tip: Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles when
the vibration is on.
Step 1
Plug DC port of USB‑DC cable to Gballs² charging
port which is a hole near the string.
Step 2
Connect USB port to smartphone power adapter,
laptop, PC or power charging bank.
Step 3
LED light on shows charging normally.
The LED light will be off when the charging is finished.

Tips: For first use, please charge the battery
for 4 hours after the power is fully used.
Before Usage
Please clean Gballs² with cleanser or
warm water and anti‑bacterial soap before first use.
After Usage
Please clean Gballs² with cleanser or
warm water and anti‑bacterial soap and dry it.
Keep Gballs² in a cool and ventilated place.
Avoid direct sunlight and keep it away from children.
Do you have Android version?
Yes, Gballs² have iOS and Android APP. Only if your
android OS is 4.3 or up and has Bluetooth 4.0, your Android phone should work.
How do Gballs² work if my Android phone does not
have Bluetooth 4.0?
Gballs² support Smartphone mode and independent mode.
The independent mode does not need a Smartphone. Please check the user guide
— Independent mode.
Why am I not able to install Android App with an error
“Parse Error: there is a problem parsing the package”
while installing Android application?
It means that your Android OS is not 4.3 or higher.
Bluetooth is connected in my Android phone’s settings.
Why does the APP show “not connected”?
Gballs² work with Bluetooth 4.0. You do not need to set Bluetooth
connection. Run the APP and shake to connection. If you have set Bluetooth connection
in system configuration, you need to disconnect Bluetooth and connect Magic Kegel APP.
Why did I have a signal of disconnection during exercise?
The cord of Gballs² also works as antenna.
Please leave the cord of Gballs² outside the body, at least 3 cm long without barrier,
to keep good signal.
For more information please look at Frequently Asked Questions
Gballs² App GQ
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