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Popular positions for ample cuties

Popular positions for ample cuties

Popular Positions For Ample Cuties

Every woman wants to feel desired, doesn’t she? So, despite the fact that a sensation of certain eroticism during sex is present regardless of your weight, many people still pay attention to their extra kilos and create complexes for themselves. But complexes and sex, as you know, are a bad combination.
Leafing through various books about sexual positions like «Kamasutra», keep in mind that many options are presented by curvy models with a rather athletic body build; in real life, far from everyone can do them. You’ve probably seen cartoons where yoga beginners tie themselves in knots. This is practically the same.
If you or your partner are well fleshed, it makes sense to use your imagination in search of a perfect position for deep penetration and comfort of intimacy.

Popular Positions For Ample Cuties

Missionary position which is time proved is many women’s and many men’s favourite as far as reaching an orgasm is concerned. It fits generally everyone – from big to small. Although if the partner on top is heavy, this may slightly complicate the process. Experiment, use pillows or even sexual furniture (if you have a little extra money, it’s really cool! It almost doesn’t dent, has an excellent density, holds a huge weight and is very pleasant to the body) under hips, shoulders, and in any way as long as you feel comfortable. You can also use modern sex toys from the sex shop.

Hello dog lovers! «Doggy-style«, beloved by you. You rest on your hands (sometimes elbows) and knees, the weight is distributed and balanced between your arms and legs, the position can be kept for a long time. The dominant partner can also take a standing position if his belly disturbs him or if he simply wants to do this, the woman, in this case, should better lean on a pillow or put it under the belly.

A cheerful rider is a good thing from bad movies. You know, hips are really able to assume a big weight! Besides, you can always make your own adjustments – the partner on top can ride on his hunkers, drop on his knees or even lift his feet on his partner’s legs – it’s very comfortable too. If desired, the partner underneath can support the rider by the calves, hips and even heels.

Legs up! I mean, on the head, behind the ears or on the shoulders of your partner, in the same old way. The main thing here, you won’t believe me, is to find a comfortable surface for the height of the active partner. This is a great option for deep penetration; a bed, kitchen table or window sill will do. The active partner can stand on his feet or knees – there are many more options for creativity than it seems at first.

No matter what position you and your partner choose, the most important aspect is to help each other; think not only about yourself, feel your partner, consider his desires. Your and his body should feel comfortable.

Written by Gvibe

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