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Seven reasons for men’s self-satisfaction

Seven reasons for men’s self-satisfaction

TOP 7 Reasons Why Do Men Masturbate

It has been scientifically proven that men masturbate not only when a partner is absent, but also when she is present. Gvibe offers you to find out why your beloved one does it and how to react.

There are seven reasons for men’s self-satisfaction

1. Stress

Men can relieve stress in two ways: getting drunk or having sex. And the second option is possible in two versions: with a woman or with his own hand. Everyone, of course, chooses what pertains to him the most. A factor of less efforts and energy costs can play in favor of masturbation.

2. The wife has become not interesting

After the wedding, you have gained a dozen extra pounds, use cosmetics only when you go to work, go around the apartment dressed in a greasy dressing gown, take a shower in the morning and not before you got to bed – all of these affect your relationship. A man always wants sex, but it is likely that not with you this time.

3. Not enough sex

In general, it is quite a rare phenomenon. Usually, this is a woman who does not get enough sex: a man who has done his job turns to the wall and sleeps, and a woman sometimes reaches orgasm alone. But the opposite may also happen: when a man wants sex every day, but his wife only occasionally. Of course, when you really want it but you cannot have it, you must still exist. Therefore, it results into masturbation.

4. Cannot get sexual satisfaction

A psychological problem. And, this is just a tale that there is no satisfaction from sex, but there is satisfaction from masturbation. The reasons are quite simple: small penis size, self-doubt, a kind of internal resentment.

5. It is a routine for him

This is the most interesting item of this article. The man thinks he has to masturbate. Just like eating and drinking. Well, that’s his nature, it can’t be helped. Of course, a woman does not understand this logic. For her, masturbation is already a sign of if not betrayal, then her (woman’s) imperfections in the eyes of her husband. Explaining to him that he is not right equals to driving a nail with a computer.

6. He wants another woman, but he does not want to betray

It’s really natural for a man, like it or not. Even if you look at the history of humanity, we see harems in the East and courtesans in the West. Of course, a man who loves his wife and does not want to hurt her, will never betray.

7. He urgently wants sex, but there is no one around

When a man “wants”, he tries to satisfy his desire. For example, if you go to work earlier than he wakes up, your husband, feeling morning erection, can calmly masturbate in the shower. Of course, it is not a trend or an illness, but an ordinary incontinence.

Written by Gvibe.

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