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The Best Positions for Good and Enjoyable Anal Sex

The Best Positions for Good and Enjoyable Anal Sex

Anal Sex Positions – Best Position For Anal Sex

Anal sex has always been considered out of the ordinary, a kind of semi-forbidden pleasure. But if you go beyond false modesty, the new experience will bring you unforgettable satisfaction. Though, before immersing yourself in new experiments in your bed, make sure that your girlfriend does not mind.


The thing is that not all cuties enjoy anal treats. And even after receiving approval, you should not touch her buttocks until the woman is brought to the pre-orgasm state with the help of foreplay.

And before trying, it is recommended to study together the best positions for anal sex. Here are the options, starting with simpler ones and ending with those able to give the most enjoyable sensation.

Good positions for first experiences

The initial experience of knowing each other is recommended to start with the most simple positions.

1. For the first time, the position of “sideways” or “puzzle” may be considered the best option. In this case, the girl is lying on her side with her back turned to the man. The benefits here can be different:
– This position will not allow a passionate partner to enter his penis maximum deep;
– This position will allow a woman to control the process of friction, which can protect her from injuries caused by a most ardent partner;
– By practicing anal sex in this position, a woman can always interrupt her sexual intercourse by moving away from her lover.

2. Many women who can not resist anal play prefer to do this in the classic “knee-elbow” position. Close contact will give absolute pleasure to both lovers, but you must take precautions and avoid sudden movements.

3. One of the most comfortable positions is considered a “right angle” when a woman, while bending down, rests her hands on a table, window sill or other stable surface. While gently supporting her beloved by the hips, the partner can easily penetrate into the slightly stretched anus.

Over time, together with experienced partners you will find your favorite positions for anal sex, many of them will look a lot like the classic version of coition. Here, the combination of various positions will also be allowed, however, if you have just started anal experiments, it is recommended to choose smooth sex in one position.

The most enjoyable positions in anal sex for mutual pleasure

Remember that it is harder for a woman to enjoy anal sex without foreplay. Therefore, the best positions for anal sex for her are those positions which are convenient for stimulating the clitoris and other erogenous areas of the body.

1. If a happy proprietress of a man with a big penis prefers to experiment anal caresses, a “snake” position will bring her incomparable pleasure. You should be on your stomach, legs wide apart. A man lays down on top of you and enters progressively in your anus. The “snake” position is very convenient as it combines anus stimulation and vaginal petting.

2. “Extreme Position” may be a convenient option for a couple to “warm up” before more complex positions. The girl is lying on the edge of the bed, raises her legs, which are wrapped around her partner and her partner slowly inserts his penis into the anus of his beloved. This position allows the partners to enjoy while looking in the eyes of each other, which gives additional pleasure thanks to a close psychological contact.

3. According to many sexologists, good positions for anal sex are those ones where a woman fully controls the movements. If a man lies or sits and his beloved herself plunges her buttocks on his penis will set the tone for the process with sweeping movements, it will become easier for her to follow her feelings to get true pleasure.

Before going to bed, remember that the most full-scale sensations of sexual intimacy are obtained by the cautious attitude of the partners towards each other. Study your body, remember the spiritual closeness and be filled with sincere feelings.

Complex positions for new pleasant sensations

If you have been together for a long time and you are bored with the usual sex life, then you can go in for unusual experiments based on complex anal sex positions.

1. The position known as “Twister” may first be repelled by its uniqueness. But the pleasure received as a result of a good performance is well worth it. A girl should get on all fours, raising her buttocks higher. The partner, with his back turned to a woman, goes down to her while inserting a penis between her buttocks. Frictions are performed during squats. The advantages of the position are that a man will be able to lift his leg muscles and will not be able to bust for a long time, offering incomparable pleasure to the one who loves extraordinary adventures.

2. The test of flexibility will not be less when a girl is placed on the stomach, having tucked one leg under her chest, and with the other one stretched aside. With such an exotic method, the cutie’s anus will be the most accessible for male caresses.

3. An interesting option may be the “snail” position. The girl, lying on her back, raises her back and rests on her forearm. The guy holds the partner’s right leg stretched out aside with one hand, and his other hand grasps the woman’s left leg bent at the knee and rests her foot in his rock-hard abs. Thanks to the twist an excellent access to the anus is ensured.

By choosing complex experiments, get ready for the first setbacks. However, do not dwell on the first attempts, because as time goes by, everything will bring mutual joy for lovers.

Written by Gvibe.

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