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9 Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

9 Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

Tips for beginners of anal sex

Whether, you’ve come to the decision of adding some diversity to your erotic sphere of life, or have spent some time getting ready to try out the world of anal sex, and just need some extra tips on how to make your first experience as pleasant as possible, in our article, you will surely be able to find useful and fascinating information, on this intriguing topic. Undoubtedly, our most indispensable advice is to always keep in mind that you should only involve yourself in protected, consensual intercourse.

1. Lube is extremely important

Unlike your vaginal opening, your anus is incapable of self–lubricating. Based on this, you will definitely wish to and have the need of getting plenty of lube. Your top choice, is purchasing water–based lube, to ensure a more relaxing and enjoyable sexual encounter. To add on, if you do decide on getting straight to penetration right away, it is in your best interest to have extra lubricant on hand.

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2. Romanticize the setting

This tip may not be as important as all other ones, however throwing on a certain mood on the situation will certainly go long way. Get yourself a bottle of wine, burn some candles, put on your favorite music and enjoy. Small details such as the ones listed above can help destress and somewhat calm you. Trying out anal sex, (just like trying out any new thing) can be stressful and frightening and therefore, to make it less intimidating treat yourself to some little, but certainly helpful features.

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3. Self exploration!

Playing around, and experimenting in your free time can be amazingly helpful in the future when you are ready to try it out with your partner. You can test out anal toys, or use your fingers, to massage and play with your butt. Surely, it will not give you the same sensation as your partner will, but self experimenting and discovering can be extremely useful in understanding specifically what you will adore in the real act, and what you aren’t going to want to repeat again.

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4. Be prepared for a mess

We’re talking about your anus here. Not exactly a squeaky clean topic. When you’re at it, know that sometimes, things tend to get clumsy and untidy. To avoid some unnecessary cleaning problems later on, get some dark bedwear rather than a light/colored set. In addition, contemplate the fact that if any accidents do occur, their umm, “outcomes”, will not be as easily detectable on the darker sheets, and it won’t be as unappealing to look at as it would be on the lighter sheets.

5. It's normal

As previously mentioned, anal sex can be stressful, and intimidating. Adding on to the fear of actually trying it out, the society unfortunately put a tag on anal sex, calling it naughty. You may feel like you will be labeled dirty for wanting to try it. But let us remind you, that the process of anal sex, (or any sex, as a matter of fact) is natural. You shouldn’t be shamed for wanting to experience something new, even if it isn’t standard. Don’t forget that anything natural, isn’t “dirty”, and neither are you for wanting to partake in it.

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6. Foreplay

This is one of the most significant advices to look into. Anal sex, tends to sometimes bring physical discomfort, but it will only be that way, if you don’t put the needed amount of time into foreplay. Remember that the more time you spend playing around beforehand, the simpler the actual process is going to be for you. Use both, hands and sex toys to relax yourself before getting into the anal itself. Experts state, that butt plugs come in very handy in foreplay. There are several different types of butt plugs to choose from, which include metal, silicone, and vibrating ones. Each kind works just fine and is a great tool to turn to when it comes to foreplay.

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7. Take matter into your own hands

Remember that it is a different experience for you than it is for your partner. Make sure to guide them, let them know when to go slower or softer. You shouldn’t force yourself to bare any excessive discomfort or pain for the sole purpose of bringing them pleasure. You can make anal be pleasant for both of you, but you do have to take your time with it. Don’t forget that if your partner truly cares for your pleasure and feelings, they will respect the small obstacle of having to go slower than they might want.

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8. Speak your mind

Communicating with your partner is extraordinarily important. They must be aware of your feelings and thoughts before, during, and after the sex. In any kind of sex, conversating is key. Don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what you feel, because putting it all out on the table for them, should not scare your partner. They must respect you, and accept whatever it is that you are feeling and thinking.

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9. Protection

The most important thing to know about protection during anal sex, is that you must switch condoms between anal and vaginal penetration. Because your anus in the endpoint of your digestive system, bacteria is definite to be found there. While it is normal for bacteria to be present in your anus, it becomes problematic when it ends up in your vagina. Thus, for the sole purpose of staying safe and avoiding bacteria going into your vagina, take the extra step of switching condoms between anal and vaginal sex.

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