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How to Have an Orgams With Yourself, Tips For Girls

How to Have an Orgams With Yourself, Tips For Girls

How to have an orgams with yourself tips for girls

Although to some it may not sound as enjoyable and easy as regular intercourse, we can promise that orgasming with yourself can also be very pleasant, fun and easy peasy, just like traditional sex! By introducing yourself to the tips we present in this article, you are guaranteed to be able to reach climax on your own and be left satisfied!

Create a perfect setting.

You know yourself better than anyone knows you. Think of what can come handy in bringing you complete comfort. Try out scented candles, some music, a little wine can’t hurt anyone as well. Setting the mood is one of the most significant steps you need to take when attempting to reach a climax with yourself or with a partner. That is in light of the fact that, subconsciously, your organism demands to be relaxed in order to orgasm. Therefore, treat yourself to your favorite tunes and a drink, and let the fun begin!

How to have an orgams with yourself tips for girls

Relax yourself.

It is more than possible that you had a rough day at work. Or perhaps that one bill you still haven’t paid won’t leave your head, but when it comes down to trying to orgasm, you need to let all your problems go. Allow yourself to take a break from all the burdens in your life. Clear your mind, close your eyes and don’t let the stresses get in your way.

How to have an orgams with yourself tips for girls

Make sure you’re comfortable

In order to have a relaxed and pleasant orgasm with yourself it is essential to find a position your body will feel most comfortable in. That may be lying down on your back, or your side, or maybe even sitting in a chair! Whatever it may be, find a position that works best for you! Being physically comfortable while trying to orgasm is crucial. That is due to the fact that when you are not cosy, you just aren’t able to fully relax. And let us remind you, that being completely and utterly relaxed is extremely important in the process of reaching a climax!

How to have an orgams with yourself tips for girls

Turn yourself on psychologically.

Learn how to turn yourself on without a partner present. This may be done in a couple of different ways. One way being, watching some porn. Find the category that turns you on the most, (or if you aren’t sure what category that is, browse the porn website and take a look at a couple of different videos, and then see which ones you find the most effective) view a few videos and get into the actual process of trying to climax. Another way is to turn to your memories; think of the last time you had been sexually aroused and try replaying the memory in your mind. Last but not least, you may want to turn to imagination, do so by visualizing in your mind someone or something that you consider hot and imagine the things you would do with or to them. This will take you one step closer to orgasming!

How to have an orgams with yourself tips for girls

Take up as much space as you need.

This tip is important to take note of, since you’re more likely to be both physically, and mentally relaxed when you take up more space. Spread your legs and arms and make sure you’re nice and cosy. 

Use some toys!

Not only are sex toys an amazing way to bring yourself a little close to climaxing, they are also a great way to add diversity and color to your intimate life! Try playing around with a vibrator, a dildo, or a butt plug. Experimenting with toys relax you and make it easier for you to be stimulated both internally and externally. 

Lubrication may be helpful.

If you have trouble getting wet on your own, help yourself with using a lubricant. That will make the process of reaching a climax drastically faster and easier. You are better off using a water based lubricant, as it is easy to get off of skin, sheets and toys, whereas other types of lubricants are harder to clean off.

How to have an orgams with yourself tips for girls

Stimulate externally and internally.

This is super important. External and internal stimulations are essential in orgasming. Surely, you could pick only one of the two, but it is guaranteed to take you longer than if you were to use both. That is because your clitoris is located on the outside of your vagina, the stimulation of which plays a huge role in reaching a climax. While your clitoris is very vital in the process, your G and A spots aren’t any less important in orgasming either . The two above mentioned spots are found on the outer wall inside of your vagina. Stimulating the two is definite to bring you much closer to having the desired orgasm so be sure to dedicate some time to them as well as the clitoris.

How to have an orgams with yourself tips for girls

Movements and speeds.

Reaching an orgasm can be much easier for you, when using different techniques. For example, when you first start masturbating,begin with your clitoris and go slowly, in circular movements. As you feel that you are getting more and more turned on, try going faster and stimulating yourself internally (G and A spots). After which, again, go slower and use external stimulation once again. To add on, many females find it helpful to use “kegels”, a basic exercise in which you contract and release your pelvic floor muscles by rising and lowering your hips. 


Don’t forget to breathe, as it is very important in climaxing. As you start, breathe with just your nose as you would regularly, or inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth. As you start going faster, breathe deeper and deeper. The closer you are to reaching the desired satisfaction the deeper you should be breathing.

How to have an orgams with yourself tips for girls

Have fun!

Regardless of which of our tips you choose to turn to and take note of, remember to always have fun. Explore yourself and what you like and dislike, try different things! If reaching an orgasm isn’t accomplished on the first try, don’t let that stop you. Try again and again until you figure out what you like best and bring yourself closer and closer to the joy!

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