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December 2016, Fun Toys LLP changes its name

Dear Partners!

For almost 5 years of successful work at the world market of adult industry, FunToys has approved itself as a high quality brand with its headquarters in London, the United Kingdom. The high-end design, accurate functioning, innovative shapes, 1-year warranty, artistic packaging of FT products, and premium customer service are in line with the European level and standards. Therefore, to reflect the British spirit and the British belonging of FUN TOYS LLP, it has been renamed into ft london llp as of Dec 2, 2016. This new name fully reveals all the merits of the brand and the products.

The first change is our logo and from now on it will look like this:

FunToys_Logo (1)

The second change is the packaging and little by little all the packs will be changed with the new logo. Here is an example of how they will look like:


Dear Partners, please use the new name, ft london llp, in all your correspondence and internal data. Also, please note that starting from Jan 1, 2017 we will be using as the main mailing address instead of

Thank you for your dedication to our company and cooperation.

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