Why do women masturbate?

Unfortunately, it so happened, that in the past years women have been pressured into feeling ashamed for allowing themselves to masturbate. Some say, masturbation makes a female “nasty” or “hopeless”, however in reality masturbation has been proven to have numerous amazing benefits on women who partake in it. The following, are some of the most significant reasons for why women shouldn’t feel guilty for pleasing themselves sexually.


1. Masturbation helps you sleep.

Have a hard time falling asleep? Say goodbye to that. Masturbation before bedtime helps a woman fall asleep faster and almost always guarantees a good night sleep. It is a widely known fact that releasing endorphins helps you relax. For the same reason, working out before bed helps you sleep better as well. If you think about it, sex is physically exhausting on it’s own, but in addition, experiencing an orgasm before bed makes you sleepy too. Another great benefit of masturbation, is if you have long term sleep problems, it helps reduce insomnia.



2.Staying sexual without having sex.

We all have periods in our lives when we are not sexually active. Whether it’s because you currently aren’t in a relationship, or because you and your partner aren’t quite at that intimate stage yet, masturbation is an extraordinary way to help you keep your body sexual even without having intercourse itself. Regardless of whether you’re trying to figure out what exactly is pleasant to you, or you’re just feeling sexy, masturbation is always a great method to turn to!



3.Exploring yourself is oh-so helpful!

Sometimes, knowing exactly what brings you physical joy can go long way. It can help you in future sexual experiences if you’re experimenting with a new (or your regular) partner you can suggest to them touching you in a certain spot or in a certain way. Firstly, it can definitely make things less awkward (if it’s a new partner), and secondly they bring you real pleasure, which is extremely important in sex.



4.Staying in touch with your body.

Knowing your body to the best of your ability is a need! An amazing way to find out exactly what feels good, will help you be BFFs with your own self. Know what you’ll enjoy in the future and what you wouldn’t like to try again!


5.Kiss all the stress goodbye!

Despite all our efforts to stay stress free as much as possible, at the end of the day, most of us come home with things bunched up in our heads, and one of the best ways to detox from that is to treat yourself to some me-time. Pour a glass or wine (or a cup of tea), dim the lights and let the pleasure begin! Masturbation will help you release not only any excessive sexual tension but all the stress that bundled up during the day/week. This is because masturbation helps release not only endorphins but also dopamine, which is crucial for relaxing and getting rid of stress.



6.Eases physical discomfort during menstruation.

It’s that time of the month again and you’re experiencing cramps. Yikes! Thankfully, masturbation comes in hand when you’re trying to decrease menstrual pain. Hormone like substances (also known as prostaglandins) are released into our bodies during a woman’s period which causes inflammation and cramping. Masturbation relieves the pain and helps you feel better.


7.A workout for your pelvic floor muscles.

Masturbarion is an awesome way to strengthen the mentioned above, pelvic floor muscles which is a great benefit. When these muscles are strong, a female is more likely to reach more orgasm. Surely, that is something you wouldn’t want to say no to!



8.Helps avoid infections.

During masturbarion, a females cervix opens up. When a woman’s cervix is open, it aids flush out bacteria. In its turn, flushing out bacteria helps prevent yeast infections, commonly experienced by females. The opening up of the cervix makes the environment unappealing for bacteria to live and reproduce in.


9.Relieving sexual tension.

If you’ve decided not to engage in intercourse for one reason or another, masturbarion comes in hand when you need to get rid of excessive sexual tension. On the other hand, if you are having sex but your partner doesn’t exactly satisfy your sexual desires and needs, masturbarion is once again the way to go.



10.A variety of different ways to spice things up.

It is the twenty-first century, and nowadays it’s most certainly easier to bring some creativity into our intimate lives. Visit a sex shop, and add some diversity into masturbarion by treating yourself to a new sex toy. There is tons of super fun gadgets out there, that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on!