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Best Ben Wa Balls

3 Best Ben Wa Balls for Strengthening Your Vagina from Gvibe

Best Ben Wa Balls

We are glad to welcome you, dear women, to our website!

In this article, we'll give you a quick rundown of three of our Ben Wa balls that we believe are some of the best for strengthening your vaginal muscles.

Let's say up front that all of our Kegel balls are made from Bioskin medical silicone, which we ourselves developed and patented. This material is absolutely hypoallergenic, safe and feels like human skin; it quickly adapts to your body temperature.

Our top picks for Ben Wa balls for 2024:

So, Gballs 3 App takes an honorable first place in our TOP

Best Ben Wa balls, Gballs 3 App

These are Ben Wa balls with vibration, which are controlled by an application from a smartphone, so the training process will be as convenient and understandable as possible. Sensors located inside these Kegel balls detect muscle movements and measure the force of their contraction. Therefore, your training will be as effective as possible, since you will see your performance during training and monitor your progress.

Best Ben Wa balls - Gballs 3 App

Best Ben Wa balls-Gballs 3 App

Essentially, your workouts will be supervised by a specialist. For more information, please visit the Gballs 3 App product page.

In second place among Ben Wa balls are Geisha Balls 3

Best Ben Wa balls, Geisha Balls 3

These Kegel balls are a set of 5 balls of different weights: 24g, 34g, 44g, 56g, 77g and 30mm in diameter. During training you can combine weights from 24 to 133 g. The set also includes 2 silicone strings, for one and two balls, so you can increase or decrease the load during training.

Another feature of these vaginal balls is the shifted center of gravity - during training, the balls will try to slide out, and your pelvic floor muscles will contract, which ensures maximum training efficiency.

Best Ben Wa balls - Geisha Balls 3

You can find a detailed description on the Geisha Balls 3 product page.

And the third place in our ranking is occupied by Ben Wa balls for beginners Geisha Balls Mini

Best Ben Wa balls, Geisha Balls Mini

These Kegel balls are lightweight, making them perfect for beginners. The weight of the balls is 15g, 20g, 26g, 35g. While performing the exercises, you can change the weight from 15 to 61 g. The kit also includes 2 silicone strings, for two and one balls. These vaginal balls also have a shifted center of gravity for more effective workouts.

Best Ben Wa balls-Geisha Balls Mini

Best Ben Wa balls - Geisha Balls Mini

Read more about Geisha Balls Mini.

During training, we recommend using Gjuice water-based lubricant.

At the end of the exercises, be sure to rinse the Ben Wa balls with warm water and treat them with Gjuice Sex Toy Cleaner.

Best Ben Wa balls for Strengthening Your Vagina

Where to buy Ben Wa balls

To buy Ben Wa balls, all you have to do is put the product in the shopping cart on this website and place the order, which is quite easy. We deliver to any region of the USA or other countries around the world.

Ben Wa balls for sale

If you are interested in the sale of Ben Wa balls, then we have a section called "Sale", visit it often so as not to miss out on great discounts.

So, we briefly told you about the 3 best Ben Wa balls from Gvibe. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced, our collection has the Kegel balls you need to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

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