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How to Have Sex in the Bathtub: 6 Tips for Wet Sex in the Bath and Shower

How to Have Sex in the Bathtub: 6 Tips for Wet Sex in the Bath and Shower

Wet sex: shower, bath or jacuzzi

Very often, in dramas and beautiful films about love I see the scene: a man and a woman caress each other in the bathtub, rose petals are scattered in the water, candles, a couple of wineglasses, an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne in it are around the bath.

Unreally beautiful music is playing. And all this looks incredibly romantic and fabulous. Sometimes, I switch from beautiful films about love to porn. Why porn is not too eager to show sex in the bath or shower?

So, let’s discuss it together.

Wet sex: shower, bath or jacuzzi

Have you tried to make love in the shower? Can you remember vivid sensations or a special thrill? Flood of pleasure? Do you know why? The water washes away the natural lubrication. Even a water-based lubricant, soft and favorite for vaginal sex. You don’t get an adequate slide. Discomfort, dryness, as well as not that pleasant and decent clapping sounds.

6 Essential Tips for Great Sex in the Bath and Shower

1. Take a silicone lubricant. Just a couple of drops, and you will no longer pay attention to those unpleasant factors.

2. You should also pay special attention to the water temperature. Choose the water for sex as before bathing a small child – it should be moderately warm, only slightly higher than the body temperature. In the hot water you heat yourself and get relaxed, and it is not desirable at the time of sexual intercourse.

In addition, it is absolutely uncomfortable to breathe steam, and as you know the breath goes astray during sex. Only in such conditions your blood pressure will be able to properly control everything that is happening in this moment.

Wet sex: shower, bath or jacuzzi

3. Watch for the water under pressure not to get on your genitals and genitals of your partner, only in this way you will retain the lubricant and avoid discomfort and friction.

4. Don’t lather yourself actively or pour shower gels and lotions on yourself. Soap substances are not a lubricant and have no useful properties. Moreover, the soap in the intimate areas may even do harm, burn skin, cause irritation and itching.

5. If you are using a condom, prepare, roll out, and better wear it in advance. I really doubt you will manage to do it with wet hands.

Wet sex: shower, bath or jacuzzi

6. Watch the position of your hands and feet – especially feet. Don’t put them on the sink, ledges or steps; once you make an awkward movement you will fly down with your partner and all the shelves, jars and bottles that you managed to grab. You will be very lucky if you don’t hit your head on the tile and avoid razors in the list of things falling on you.

Remember, if you haven’t got pleasure from sex in the shower or bath before, you shouldn’t give it up, just pay more attention to this moment and preparation to it. Unsuccessful experience will not spoil the romance if you did everything right.

Wet sex: shower, bath or jacuzzi

By the way, the steam in the bathroom is a very good way to enjoy each other and relax. Firstly, you can explore your partner’s body and erogenous zones. Secondly, the foreplay like bathing each other, rubbing with a bath puff and gentle massage bring partners together. Both women and men regard this as a demonstration of care.

Furthermore, sex in the shower can be a start of a large and passionate sex marathon. After a shower – a washing machine, then a balcony, a kitchen table, and finally bed and sex toys.

Remember that sex and caresses associated with it play a very important role in the family life, reduce conflicts, solve a lot of emotional problems pushing financial ones into the background.

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