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why do guys like anal

5 Reasons Why Men Like Anal Sex and Enjoy Doing It with Women

Anal Sex | Why Men Like Anal Sex With Women

It seems to be fair if this kind of rating will be summarized and explained by a man. Let’s start.

1. The desire to enjoy the woman in all possible terms

The desire to go the whole way, to conquer “the last frontier”. This reason is worth a lot. Because its roots are in our instinctive, unconscious essence. And here you may talk about morality as much as you can. When indulging into the forbidden, the woman expresses the highest degree of obedience, gives over to the process the way we want. And we, men, feel unbelievable emotions when knowing that she is overcoming her embarrassment and sometimes even pain for our sakes.

2. No need to think about contraception

A very important point for a man. And this is not because we are too irresponsible, but because when it comes to orgasm we may give up to feelings as much as we can, and no need to think about consequences. There is no need to seriously check what is going on with the condom, or when you are not wearing it – to think what and how to do. Guys really like this!

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3. Orgasm

The sphincter tends to absorb objects, and sometimes it is rather difficult to extract them. But this feature has its advantage – this “absorbing” effect makes orgasm very powerful and bright in terms of feelings, and this is in the background of all the charms mentioned in the previous point. And women who orgasm from anal sex are a true present indeed. A simultaneous orgasm with them is a wonderful reality of life but not an attribute of cheap erotic novels.

4. Ambition

If this article was written by a woman, she would name it “a feeling of being special”. Why? In fact, for us, anal sex is an indicator of the woman’s attitude towards us. She could have several partners before us, but she might not have anal sex with all of them. But if she had it with others but not with us, then why would she say “you are special”, “I am experiencing true feelings towards you”, “I am feeling better with you”? And even such excuses as “I tried it with the other one, and I didn’t like it, don’t want anymore” will not help. Just remember it.

5. Feelings

It is closely related to point three, but here it deals not with the final stage, but the process in general. It is clear that nature created the sphincter much less elastic than the vagina. And in cases when the vagina for some reasons (for example, child birth) became not tight and elastic enough, anal sex may deliver the same feeling of tightness which is so enjoyable for the man. And though in other cases the difference is not that impressive, but the initial and final stages make up for everything. Because the beginning should be particularly cautious and gentle, and we make all efforts to meet these needs. And this opens a sensual side of sex in a new way.

Some more facts

• When talking about all erotic fantasies which have migrated into our heads from porno, anal sex does not require any special skills from a woman. It is not a deep blowjob which has to be learnt, not a masterful work with your hands or hips which requires being fit. This is just the way the woman may give herself to her man. Though, if she is able to have orgasm from this – this is just fantastic.
• Sometimes, pure curiosity pushes the guys to do it.
• Not everyone dreams of it. And we are talking not just about Christian fundamentalists. There are also despaired men, those who are too finicky, too careful about their dingle-dangle and many others.

Now you know 5 reasons why do guys like anal sex. Girls, if you don’t mind, then invite your man to have anal sex and you will see how happy he will be with your offer. In the world, most people like to have anal sex and it's true!

Written by Gvibe


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