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First Time Sex – 8 Tips for Girls and Women

First Time Sex – 8 Tips for Girls and Women

Frequently, when it comes to first-time sex it can be reasonably intimidating, going hand in hand with a lot of stress. Regardless of whether you’ve decided to wait to experience sex later on in your life, or prefer “the sooner, the better” mindset, your first time diving into the world of sexual pleasure can (and more often than not, will) be awkward, uncomfortable, hot and thrilling.

First Time Sex – Tips For Girls |

Most importantly, you should always remember that consensual, protected sex is the way to go. As well, keep in mind the fact that nearly every woman’s first time, was clumsy and slightly weird or awkward (even superstars!). Here are some tips, given by experts to make the first time as enjoyable as it can be.

1.Never sham an orgasm.

We all know that nowadays, resources such as movies, tv shows, social media platforms and especially porn websites portray sex as an intense, and enthusiastic act, during which, women moan with pleasure at every move made by their partner, however reality is a bit different from the content displayed online. You must remember to stay brutally honest with your partner when it comes to sex.

First Time Sex – Tips For Girls |

If something they do doesn’t quite impress you- express it to them. Discuss with them certain things you would like to try, perhaps sex toys, and certain things you don’t want them doing to you. You of course, may feel that breaking your opinion to them could hurt their feelings or upset them, but don’t forget that if your partner truly cares about your satisfaction and comfort, they will accept your feelings and strive to achieve a more pleasurable experience next time.

2.It is normal for sex to be somewhat painful.

Experts state that its okay for some pain to be present during your first time. Some women also bleed which isn’t unusual. Although, if your partner is causing you unbearable physical discomfort- tell them! You should not force yourself to endure awful amounts of pain in order to please your significant other.

First Time Sex – Tips For Girls |

Remember that lube is your friend. In most cases, lubrication will make it much easier for your partner to penetrate you. If you use a lubricant and still experience as much pain, you may want to consult your gynecologist.

3.Only do it when you’re ready!

In some cases, partners tend to pressure women into having sex before they are ready. Know that if your other half genuinely respects and loves you, they will wait as long as they have to.

First Time Sex – Tips For Girls |

If you feel that you’re ready to take on that step, go for it! Make sure that you’re doing it with a special, beloved person- there is not a second chance to lose your virginity!

4.Safety first.

This one is by far the most important tip. Unfortunately, STD’s are a real, and an extremely serious issue. You shouldn’t have to risk catching potential diseases, or possibly getting pregnant (unless that’s what’s you’re looking to do).

First Time Sex – Tips For Girls |

The clever decision to make when it comes to sex, is to spend an extra five seconds putting on a condom rather than having to deal with an unwanted pregnancy or an STD. Besides, it has been proven that being safe can actually relax you.


Keep in mind that foreplay goes long way. In addition to turning you on, it allows you to produce natural lubrication which later makes it easier (and less painful) to have sex. Think of foreplay as of a fun way to spice up the mood and get you prepared for the intercourse.

First Time Sex – Tips For Girls |

6.Choose your position and location wisely.

Based on the opinions of various experts, females tend to experience less pain during their first time if they’re positioned a certain way. Your thighs should be slightly up and it’s not recommended to be lying down on a flat or hard surface (such as the floor).

First Time Sex – Tips For Girls |

Try putting a pillow underneath your back and lifting your legs. This position is said to be the most efficient if you’re looking to avoid as much pain as possible. To add on, you want to be as relaxed as you can. Places like the back seat of a car, or the shower surely seem sexy and intriguing but those spots should be saved for the future. Your first time is the most important (and usually the most painful) so be sure to make yourself comfy.

7.Drinking before sex isn’t your best choice.

In numerous movies and TV series, sex often happens after a couple of drinks. Although to some it may seem like an attractive idea, experts state otherwise. Alcohol is known to irritate your nervous system, therefore resulting in you being drastically less calm.

First Time Sex – Tips For Girls |

As mentioned earlier, when your first sex comes around you need to be mentally and physically relaxed to the maximum. Instead of consuming alcoholic beverages, choose something that will make you at peace.

8.Don’t set unrealistic expectations.

Once again, this is where novels, movies, TV shows and other modern resources mess with our understanding of sex. Oftentimes depicted in movies, first sex (or as a matter of fact,any sex) is perfectly filled with synchronized moves between both partners, excited moaning, and climax in the same exact second. In the real world, things are usually a little twisted.

First Time Sex – Tips For Girls |

Be ready to face pretty much anything- from your partner’s penis slipping out of you a bit too often, to not reaching a climax whatsoever.

Don’t forget that it’s natural, which makes it perfect even if it’s slightly off from what you see on the screen of your television. Know that expecting perfection from your partner and your first sex may leave you disappointed, so instead try to go with the flow and enjoy the moment as much as you can!

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