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10 Tips for You to Love Anal Sex

10 Tips for You to Love Anal Sex

10 Tips For You To Love Anal Sex

We all have seen or heard some things about anal sex, and the important thing is that it’s a bit romanticized. There’s no way it can happen without proper preparation. There are all the silly “oops, the wrong hole”, but actually it’s really difficult to penetrate without a ton of lube. Pop culture, porn and other sources show anal sex as something we’re all always ready for. In reality it’s the other way round. But it is worth at least trying, who knows, maybe this type of sex will become your favorite one.

In this article you’ll learn everything (or the most important stuff) you need to know about anal sex and how to prepare for it.

1) Make sure you are ready to try

There are the situations where one partner really wants to try it and another is hesitant. If you’re the second one and you’re being pushed, let yourself have some time. No one is allowed to make you do things you don’t want too. Maybe you’re too young or inexperienced, wait a bit and do it when you have the wish. And on the other had: if you’re the one who wants it, make sure your partner is ready not only physically but morally. And if you’re the giving one, never penetrate the anal hole without discussing it first (before sex, please) because it can really hurt the taking one and scare the hell out of them, so they wouldn’t want to have it not with you not with anybody else ever again :)

If you are sure, then let’s research further.

2) Your body has to be trained, even though it's capable of amazing things.

Your sphincter is a muscle and make sure it won’t stretch that easy if you just push something big inside. Start with little things: try dipping small toys or fingers first. For example try the anal plug from Gvibe. Then gradually use bigger things, one by one. It might take time, but that is why people created anal plugs and balls, so you could prepare yourself for anal not only while you’re alone and dedicating yourself to it, but also during actual sex to have two in one: if you’re a girl then an anal plug will make your vagina smaller which will make (let’s say) your boyfriend feel different inside you.

3) Control the mess

It’s not a secret that anal sex can be dirty… no-no, messy is a better description. Make sure you have a washable surface where the action will happen. It’s easy to leave stains on sheets. You need to create the environment where you wouldn’t worry about the stuff and would create experiences to remember long after.

4) Don’t use numbing creams!

Your body tells you when it’s time to stop, or add more lube, or change something. Pain is there for the cause. Sure, the creams help you get rid of it, and feelings without pain are nice, of course, but it’s not worth risking to get injured.

5) Rehearse

After you tried to play with your fingers and toys, let your partner do the same to you (if you’re the receiving one). Putting lips and mouth down there is a nice way to start. Before the actual penetration it’s nice to get an idea of what it will feel like in the action, so don’t be afraid of fingers and toys when your partner is operating. But don’t forget to use lube. Lube is the number one rule considering anal sex.

6) Stop if it hurts!

Don’t continue in order to complete what you started, stop right there. This is no joke. You can also use a stop-word.

7) Make it better: mix it up

But if it hurts a little, just try to use some ways to forget about it: use other ways of stimulation, for example, the clitoral one. It surely is going to give you extra feelings and more orgasms.

8) Speak up!

If there’s something that can be done differently, or you need more lube, or to change position, let your partner know. It’s the only way anal sex is pleasurable: when both partners speak and know what each of them wants at the moment.

9) Pooping, bacteria and so on

It will feel like you’re pooping at times, but actually you’re not. So, don’t freak out, it’s okay! But it’s good to go to the bathroom right after sex, consider it a way to avoid infections.

One more important point here is to use a condom, especially if you’re monogamous. Also, don’t use the same one for anal and vaginal penetration. The same applies to the usage of toys. The bacteria existing in the holes are not that friendly to each other, so please don’t cause infections by doing so.

10) The last but not the least:

You can get scared in the beginning, because the head of the penis is the widest part of it and it will hurt the most to get it inside. So be patient during this part and it will be okay. This also means that there’s no way to be completely prepared (but who knows). And don’t worry if you bleed a little (but no too long or too much!), it means that there are small tears, and it’s okay, they are going to heal in a couple of days. But it’s how it is.

So, summing up: a little blood is normal, it may and it has to hurt, it will be more pleasurable if you mix it with something else and the golden rule is to use lube, lube, LUBE. Good luck with the preparations, we wish you to get amazing experiences out of anal play.

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