Sex – furniture

Sex – furniture

There is a very popular book in the world called Kama Sutra. Different authors publish their own Kama Sutras, call them in a different manner, tell about different methods and add images, but the essence of this book is the same: the collection or even the encyclopedia of sexual positions.
To change the sexual positions is interesting and useful, for example, many women just can’t catch an orgasm being under the man.
I have a friend, she has a quite ordinary family: a policeman husband, a child, everyday life. She told me that she got her first orgasm only when she climbed on her husband and had a good jump on him.

Sooner or later, but the missionary position makes you bored. Someone feels uncomfortable in this position, the other feels rubbing in the groin, etc.
In short, there is always many reasons to change the position. But many people hardly can change anything in their sexual life. Somebody is embarrassed, somebody feels uncomfortable or is afraid that something is gonna happen to the sofa, somebody just lives with many kids in the same room. So to really enjoy the different experiments and movements, sex toys and sex furniture were invented.
The concept of “sex furniture” is relatively recent, but many people have already appreciated all of its charms. Remember the crispy spring beds, old sofas, washing machines, tables of inconvenient height, the damage of the usual attributes, the place of your computer. Or accidentally broken pots of your grandmother’s flowers from the window sill…

The idea of sex furniture has arisen due to the popularity of BDSM, the handcuffs could be clipped not on the every bed or couch, not in every house you can arrange a restraint kit. Therefore, they invented special devices with clasps, handcuffs – chairs, folding chairs and even a removable wrought-iron backs on the bed. Next, there were a swing, bouncy balls with protruding phalluses, even fixtures for shower sex.
Sex furniture is now sold in specialty stores and online in a huge range, but for convenience, we divide it into the most popular categories.

Swing of love – beautiful, uninhibited, incredibly dramatic
The main thing here is not to hurry, to get used to, to sit comfortably, to choose from the start the most comfortable position of the proposed (often the postures for the swing are illustrated in the instructions), and when you are convinced in the pleasure and security scheme, you can dream up, because there are so many things you can think of, from sitting face to face, up to placing on the swing one partner, the other partner, in turn, can stand, sit, rock the swing, masturbate, etc.
The swings are fixed to a ceiling or a doorway, on a branch, horizontal bar or crossbar.
They bear the weight of two adults (150-200 kg), however, some models have a weight limit.



Handle with suction cups for bath or shower

Incredibly simple and yet convenient, just a necessary thing! 
It helps to avoid injuries, traumas, discomfort, and tension from the slide.


Yes, this infernal device exists and it is possible to bring it home.
All liberated women and some men fantasize about this. Dirty, hard, continuous sex at a given pace.
Different functions, different speed, different nozzles – masturbators, vibrators, realistic phalluses and even vibrators. Also, many sex machines are made according to the type of “LEGO” – you compile it, have great sex, put it in a box. It’s gorgeous!

Items of furniture and household

A special chair with nozzles or holes, inflatable beds are almost luxury items, many of them are equipped with clasps and nozzles as sex machines, they are automated, some inflate automatically, and the most important thing is – they do not stagger, do not creak, and nothing gonna pop out of them and bite you in your ass at the wrong moment!

Sex pillows, inflatable, waterproof, tough, with a velvety finish – they are also numerous, they can be used just as a lining under the chest, abdomen, neck, back, ass, and can be equipped with nozzles in the form of a phallus. You can imagine yourself a dirty rider, or just to practice to be on top, so not to fall face in the dirt with a live partner of flesh and blood.

Among the popular brands the sex furniture Pipedream, ToyJoy, Topco Sales produce, and they are true factories of sex dreams.