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October 2014

Fun Toys invites you to visit our booth during eroFame show in Hannover, Germany, Oct 8-10
Fun Toys’ products have already gained the worldwide fame for their unique design and anatomical shape. Among them, the best-seller Gvibe which remains in a leading position in the world rating of vibrators. Geisha Balls, anatomical vaginal balls, have been proven to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and got plenty of positive feedback from satisfied customers. So, what new products will Fun Toys reveal at the eroFame after months of scrupulous development? Gvibe², the second generation of Gvibe, will boast its magnetic charge, new exciting vibration modes, even silkier medical silicone, new fancy colours! You will fall in love with the latest Fun Toys’ line Gjuice, a water-based and silicone lubricant and a toy cleaner, as it always stays clean and shiny due to unprecedented downward-looking sprayer and unique drop shape packaging.
Don’t miss the opportunity to share Fun Toys inspiration and success at our booth #3!
Please feel free to book the appointment with us!
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