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Rule 34:

Rule 34: "If it exists, there is porn of it. If there isn't, there will be."

Rule 34 is a common memo that there is a pornographic interpretation of any common topic on the Internet. The wording of the "rule" is as follows: If it exists, there is already pornographic interpretation about it. There are no exceptions... "If it exists, there is porn of it. If there isn't, there will be."

There is a rule 34-2: "The exception to rule 34 is the citation of rule 34". There is a rule 35, it was created as a supplement to rule 34. Rule 35: "If no porn is found at this time, it will be done (in the near future)."

Rule 34 | Photo 1 - Gvibe

The first mention of rule 34 came in 2003 from a comic book called "Rule #34 There is porn about this. There are no exceptions." The comic book was created by Peter Morley-Sooter - it was his reaction to the porn parody he saw on "Calvin and Hobbs". Morley published this comic in 2004 on the Zoom-Out website. Is there a sacral meaning to why number 34 is exactly unknown. Ironically, Article 34 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child deals with the prevention of child pornography.

What else could you have heard?

- "Everybody gets their fifteen minutes of porn."
- "That's what porn is for, it's real."
- "Everything is made porn."
- "Whatever you look for on the Internet, there will always be at least one porn site that matches your search criteria".
- "It was made porn - it means it exists" - Rene Descartes
- "It was porn in the beginning..."
- There's porn with it, no exceptions, etc.

Rule 34 | Photo 2 - Gvibe

Rule 34 was the first in the "No exceptions" series. Then there were other rules, not all of them take root and not all of them correspond to the numbering, for example, rule 85 - there is a pony version for anything. Rule 36 - you can flap and grind on anything, without exceptions. And there's more.

Have you ever thought about how much porn exists? How does porn affect your life specifically? Do you often watch porn? It is difficult to calculate the statistics, how many people in principle watch porn. If you ask a person, "Do you watch porn?" he answers "no", perhaps he watches it twice as often:). Watching porn is absolutely normal, masturbate at the same time (if not, what is the point?). It's absolutely normal if it doesn't affect your life, neither at work nor in the social sphere. If porn affects your mood, and all you do is watch it - it's time to go to the doctor!

Rule 34 | Photo 3 - Gvibe

Porn allows you to see the fantasy that is in your head, but it is, for example, difficult to implement in life. There is nothing wrong with seeing and enjoying it. Try to live these sensations, and then get high - go and do the old things. Sexologists around the world claim that sexual fantasies (however crazy they may be) are within the norm. Unless, of course, it is an obsession and does not affect the lives of others and/or persons who cannot yet have sex. You can be inspired by porn, you can adopt some new weasels/ tricks/purchase sex toys like heroes, etc.

A lot of computer games are now available to implement rule 34. For example, Game of Whores, Game of Moans, Rick And Morty - A Way Back Home, Orange Trainer (based on Star Wars), Behind The Dune, Fall:Out, Ciri Trainer (based on the witch), Innocent Witches (Harry Potter), Innocent Witches, Lust for Adventure (World of Warcraft). A lot of people don't have a cascading gameplay, but the plot is very good!

Rule 34 | Photo 4 - Gvibe

Rule 34 is also found in literature in Pelevin's novel Numbers. It's an interesting story about how a guy got obsessed with number 34. He looked for it everywhere and everywhere in any combination. All intellectual life of the individual has rolled down to selection and search of numbers and calculation in bed - what number turns out.

And you know what would make your sex or masturbation more interesting? Sure, sex toys. Take Greal 2 and imagine in your bed - another participant, take Gvibe 3 - and be inspired by Hentai (or vice versa). Gkit - allows you to realize your dream of complete dominance over your partner. Anyway, sex/masturbation - should bring joy :)

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