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Kegel Exercises for Men, Women and During Pregnancy

Kegel Exercises for Men, Women and During Pregnancy

Kegel exercises

You have definitely heard about Kegel exercises that you need to pump intimate muscles, but everyone needs to pump them, but not you. Because everything is ok with you is a big delusion that many girls face. Let us tell you why Kegel exercises are important and necessary at any age, without exception. How will this affect your health? And is it true that you can "crack nuts" with the help of intimate muscles? Are there Kegel exercises for men too?

Kegel exercises for women

Even in ancient China, Japan and India, they knew that the vaginal muscles are important for sexual pleasure. Then the girls were offered to enhance male pleasure by pumping muscles. In the 21st century, Kegel gymnastics is a method of improving a woman's sexual health. Doctors recommend Kegel exercises for the prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence, prolapse of the uterus, quick recovery after childbirth, support during menopause, improving the menstrual cycle, and reducing pain during menstruation.

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In the middle of the 20th century, the American doctor of gynecology Arnold Kegel developed an exercise technique that strengthens muscles of the pelvic floor. Women who visited him with a problem of urinary incontinence followed a positive trend. They also noted more vivid sensations from penetrating sex, some stated about their first orgasm ever.

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The pelvic floor muscles play a very important role in the female body. They act as a frame for internal organs (bladder, intestines, uterus) and responsible for controlling urine and feces. The main goal of Kegel training is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, increase muscle tone, responsiveness and elasticity of the muscles.

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This is the prevention of any type of incontinence (urine or feces that you cannot control) and ptosis of the pelvic organs. Stimulating the secretion of your own lubrication and, of course, increasing the sensitivity of the vaginal walls. Thus, during classic sex, a woman feels the partner's penis (or not penis) inside much better, stronger, with the sense of fulness. She can control her muscles and strengthen her orgasm.

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Kegel exercises for women at home

In order to start training, you need to find those muscles that need to be "pumped".

There are several ways:

1. During urination, stop the stream (only for a short time) it is important to fix the sensations of the muscles, however do not tense your abdominal muscles.

2. Insert one finger into the vagina and "hug" it with muscles. It is this group of muscles which needs to work during Kegel exercise.

3. Take a mirror. Remember how did you stopped the stream of urine, tighten these muscles. You can see in the mirror the entrance has become narrower and slightly tightened up.

Great, you have fixed the right muscles and are ready to train.

How to do exercises for strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

Pelvic floor muscle training is based on the principle of tension and relaxation. You squeeze the muscles consciously, hold them and then relax. This process is similar to work out in the gym, you will have multiple sets and rest time. After 2-3 months of regular trainings, you will be able to see and evaluate the results.

Important! Do not tense your abdominal muscles during exercise, only the pelvic floor muscles should "work" on the approach. Do not perform Kegel exercises with a full bladder / during menstruation / during inflammatory processes (cystitis, erosion, etc.).

1. Relax. Take a deep breath and breath out. Kegel exercises can be performed lying, sitting, or standing (whichever is more convenient for you). Tighten the muscles and hold them for 4-6 seconds, then relax.

2. Try to contract the muscles starting from the lowest tier and working your way up. At each step, stop for 2-3 seconds. Now you can go below.

3. Quickly Tense muscles for 1-2 seconds, the same rest time, boogie-woogie feelings.

4. Tighten your muscles as if you are trying to push something out of the vagina.

These are the basic exercises. Start your workout with 5 minutes a day, every day thereafter increase the time by 2-5 minutes. Step by step increase the number of sets. For example, on the first day there was a workout with compression for 2-3 seconds, relaxation for 2-3 seconds, after a week and a half compression for 4-5 seconds, relaxation - 4-5 seconds, etc. When you perform a workout, you shouldn't feel pain or strong tension (you can have some discomfort during first couple workouts, but not pain or sting), follow your feelings.

Kegel exercises during pregnancy

It's not a secret that pregnancy is a huge stress for the female body. And during pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscles "work" in hardcore mode, they experience a tremendous load. If the weight of the uterus is 100-120g at the beginning of pregnancy, then by the ninth month the fetus and water are about 6-8 kg. Muscles lose tonus, this is a natural process, but it can be controlled.

In case of easy pregnancy, normal findings and feelings, then you can do gymnastics. Kegel exercises for pregnant women are the same as described above. But if you have a difficult pregnancy, you are on the bed rest to prevent a miscarriage and in case of any deviations from the norm, please consult with your doctor before exercising.

Kegel Ball Exercises

You can perform abovementioned exercises without any additional devices. But such "idle" workouts are more suitable for acquaintance or warm-up. If you want to feel and see the result, you need dumbbells. Kegel balls from Gvibe are the dumbbells that enhance your workouts (like in the gym). Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles will be easier and faster with the special devices.

Kegel Ball Exercises | Photo 6 -

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We offer you to choose:

1. Geisha Balls 2 is the perfect vaginal ball set for all women. Firstly, the balanced diameter is 3 cm. They do not feel either large or small. Secondly, they have a displaced center of gravity. This is the extra vibration that makes the muscles "contract". Thirdly, there are 4 balls of different weight in a set. You start with a light weight, and then make it heavier during the training (while you don't need to buy anything extra, this set is suitable for all stages of training). Fourth, complete safety. Materials - silicone and plastic, completely hypoallergenic.

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Kegel Exercises With Geisha Balls 2 | Photo 9 -

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2. Gballs 3 App is your personal trainer for intimate muscles. The shape of the simulator looks like a small vibrating egg, there are sensitive sensors in the lower ball which react to the contraction of your muscles. Vibration "forces" your muscles to train harder. The whole control process takes place through your smartphone, you download the application and do it. The training program is creating personally for you, you can see your progress and training becomes a pleasure. By the way, after training you can always reward yourself and turn on the constant vibration mode - this is how you get a vibrating egg for fun!

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Kegel Exercises With Gballs 2 App | Photo 15 -

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3. Gballs Magnetic - a set of magnetic vaginal balls. The set contains 4 balls with different weights, you can easily combine them, starting with a light ball, and then gradually increase the load. This Kegel trainer is perfect for girls who have already trained with balls. Firstly, they have the smallest diameter on the market (so you have to tense the muscles to hold them). Secondly, different weights also enhance your workouts.

Kegel Exercises | Photo 19 -

Pelvic floor exercises along with vaginal balls are recommended for all women who have reached the age of majority. You need vaginal balls if:

  • you want to get more sensations during penetrative (penis-vaginal) sex;
  • more frequent sounds ("farting") during coition;
  • you noticed some "vagina sounds" during stretching and yoga;
  • there was urinary incontinence during laughing or playing sports; or sensations of the last "drops" after urination;
  • libido has disappeared and there is no desire for sex;
  • you are planning a child;
  • you have a baby and want to restore your muscle tone;
  • it's dry inside, your own lubrication is disturbed;
  • you have a sedentary job, an inactive lifestyle.

Kegel gymnastics for women is an easy way to help your sexual health. It is necessary to gain the desire and develop the habit of exercising regularly. In general, your attitude is already half of the success. Then it's up to the muscles. Kegel exercises do not take a lot of time, at least you need 15-20 minutes, maybe longer. For example, you can wear the abovementioned vaginal balls for several hours (4-5), they are made of safe 100% silicone, so they do not cause toxic shock or skin irritation. Kegel exercises after the childbirth will restore health and enhance the sensations during sex. Nobody will see your workouts, because the balls are small and do not make sounds. You can exercise in the morning when you go to work, when you walk your dog, when you go out to the store, etc. The main thing is your desire.

Kegel exercises for men

Initially, Kegel exercises were developed for women, but after all, men also have pelvic floor muscles, they also hold internal organs. These muscles are located around the pubic bone and prostate. As long as the muscles are in good shape, everything is fine with the body. If they weaken and lose tonus, then problems begin. Considering a sedentary and / or an inactive lifestyle, then problems appear more often. To summarize, men can also do Kegel exercises at any age.

Strong pelvic floor muscles in men improve the quality of sex and also reduce the appearance of urinary or fecal incontinence.

It is easy to find those muscles. Think about which muscles you are tensing to stop urinating. If you do everything correctly, the base of the penis will rise slightly towards the stomach. Or remember, when you want to fart and hold it, this is the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Kegel exercises for men | Photo 20 -

Kegel gymnastics for men:

1. Strain and relax your muscles with regular intervals. Start with 1-2 seconds. Strain-relax, strain-relax. Do 10 sets. Do not strain your abs or hips, or squeeze your buttocks during excercises.

2. Increase the compression time. After second or third week, you can lift a level. Try to stretch for 5 to 10 seconds. If you do a long hold, then the rest should be twice longer. For example, if you hold your muscles for 10 seconds, then relax for 20 seconds.

3. When you feel your muscles better, you can move on to more rhythmic strains. Strain the muscles sharply and strongly, then quickly relax. Take multiple sets.

Remember, improvements don't happen overnight. Regular training will give results within 3 weeks. Exercise every day.

By the way, follow your usual day. If you drink about 1.5-2 liters of water per day, then the number of uriaethesias should vary up to 8-9 times. If you have more, then you need Kegel exercises.

4. Men can do their Kegel exercises together with a prostate massager. Similar to the female system, the massager acts as a dumbbell and enhances your workouts. We recommend you to try Gpop2, it is great for training at home. Compact, accurate, flexible it will perfectly adapt to the anatomy and give new sensations. Also, this massager can be used during masturbation.

Hopefully you understand that the pelvic floor muscles need training. Strong muscles - healthy body!

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