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Best Tips on How to Kiss a Girl or a Man Well

Best Tips on How to Kiss a Girl or a Man Well

How to kiss someone...

So you want to become a good kisser? A kiss is a special kind of expression of feelings, from sweet compassion to passion to deep love. There are a wide variety of kisses, from nose kisses to deep French tongue kisses. Whether you’re wanting to kiss a girl, a guy, a woman, a man, or a person of any gender you want to make sure they’re feeling it too.

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There are those who love long and drawn-out kisses, and some people enjoy kisses more than sex. Then there are those who are lukewarm to kissing, they could take it or leave it. You don't know your personal style until you give it a try!

We (Gvibe) strongly believe that it’s impossible to learn to kiss on the hand or soft fruits and vegetables (hello tomato!). It's all wrong! Therefore, if you are typing the phrase "how to kiss correctly" in your YouTube search to see how to kiss on the lips in step-by-step instructions, give up this useless business right now. We have some tips on how to kiss that will actually help. If you want to kiss well keep reading.

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Obviously, you can try different types of kisses, for different lengths of time and with different techniques. Kissing is not as difficult as learning to play the guitar, you may never become a professional but you can have fun along the way. Enjoy the process and you can safely hone your skills and become a virtuoso, practice makes perfect!

Step one is the ambience. The right time and place should be intimate, quiet, and generally secluded or out of public view. A good kiss usually doesn't just happen like a bolt from the blue. It starts with a special romance. You met a special someone and started chatting. You laugh at their jokes, you like catching their eye, you feel the butterflies fluttering in your stomach when they’re around. You start wondering how to kiss this guy well? This is the beginning of feelings of love and compatibility.

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When you want to kiss someone you can go ahead and ask, “May I give you a kiss?”, “How do you feel about kissing?”, or say something like “I really want to kiss you right now!” This allows your special someone to give consent and let’s you know that they enthusiastically want to kiss you too. Start with a kiss on the cheek. If they’re into it, they’ll return the favor and you can move to the lips and hone your technique.

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What’s the right way to give a kiss on the lips? The main thing is to relax your lips, they should not be pursed. Your movements should be smooth and gentle. Imagine that your lips are marshmallows and they are just as soft and airy. When your lips touch they will feel warm and soft. Then you can tighten them slightly for a return kiss. Now’s the time to follow your intuition. Trust your feelings and watch their reaction. When you kiss a boy, if they come close to you, mirror your movements, or stroke your hair - that means everything is a-ok, but if they try to move away, then something could be wrong (and to find out what’s on their mind you need to communicate and ask).

To recap, we remember the atmosphere, right? If the time and place is right, then go for it and take the first step. Ask and get consent. You can take the lead and give the first kiss. Don’t try to kiss passionately when you kiss for the first time, start with a small smooch on the lips. A light kiss to test the waters. If they respond with a smile and don’t pull away, then you’re moving in the right direction. Now don’t go and try to kiss strangers in the subway or shopping mall, it’s definitely not advised to get into the personal space of a stranger. Six feet please!

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If you know each other and have caught some interested glances from your target, they may be looking for more connection with you and an opportunity to spend some time. If you like this person, then we suggest you take the risk. A light kiss on the lips is a great place to start. If they’re into it, they’ll answer you in kind. Then you can bring them closer to you, gently hugging. Caress their shoulders with your hand, start getting more intimate.

The first kisses can be short and light, then they can linger and get longer in time. Soon it will be time to try a French Kiss. Passionate kisses are impossible to learn overnight. You have to try and practice! That’s the fun part.

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If you really want to learn how to make-out with someone it’s all about the french kiss. Don’t worry it’s not too complicated. You start with a kiss on the lips, open your mouth slightly, and then add your tongue into the mix. Start slow and build up the intensity. This process itself is insanely erotic, you exchange saliva, your breathing is so close, your breath quickens ... Roar!!

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Here’s some real advice on how to kiss properly with tongue (Step-by-step how to french kiss!):

  1. Get consent, make sure they are feeling it.
  2. Don’t be afraid of someone else's tongue, see it as a friend, not an enemy.
  3. Don't slobber on your partner, watch the saliva. Try to have a little self control. At least during the first kiss, who knows, maybe in the future you’ll find out that they love “wet kisses” too.
  4. Don't try to do it like in the movies. Turn your head twice / stick out your tongue two times / look away. There’s no set script. Follow your feelings!
  5. Don't bite.
  6. Slowly change the turn of your head.
  7. Touch, hug, caress, and hold your partner to intensify the kiss.

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Learning to kiss is easy if you have someone to practice kissing with. If you find someone you like and the feeling is mutual, then you’ll have plenty of time to rehearse kissing! Try increasing the kissing time to a few minutes, then to 10-15 minutes, during this time you can sit and hug or snuggle together. If you like it longer, we suggest you check the Guinness Book of Records, where long kisses are recorded. It’s okay if you don’t want to go to a book, try kissing in different places, in the rain, upside-down (like in Spider-Man), with candy or mints in your mouth! We bet you can think of a hundred more ways to learn how to kiss with your lips and tongue.

Grab the lip balm! Kissing on the lips is an especially erotic and exciting moment, draw it out and enjoy it. A kiss can touch the soul of your partner, and show them that you want to embrace and protect them from the world.

Fun facts: kisses strengthen immunity, improve mood, give energy, and help your body grow and heal.

You can kiss slowly or you can kiss for a long time. It’s really possible to kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend romantically with or without tongue. The most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy the process with your consenting partner!

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